Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Double Girder Overhead Crane

Product Details:
  • Load Capacity: >40 ton
  • Span: >100 feet
  • Hoist Travelling Speed: 5-10 m/min
  • Brand: Scrane
  • Type: Double Girder
  • Color: Yellow

When heavy loads and wide spans are required, the S. CRANE double girder overhead crane show their strength. They consist of two torsion-free box girders. This makes them especially suitable for lifting and transporting loads over 1 OT and for span of more than 25m.

S.CRANE double girder overhead crane are available with load capacities up to 50T and with spans up to 40 m. Articulated end carriage joints ensure positive contact of all four wheels with the track. The range of fixing arrangements allows the appropriate integration of S.CRANE travelling crane into new buildings as well as into existing buildings. Just as with all other types of S.CRANE travelling crane, the profiles of the main girder are optimally produced so that maximum performance with a minimum of deadweight can be achieved. An advantage that has financial benefits.

  • Capacity : 10 Tons Onwards
  • Span : 5 meter. to 40 meter.
  • Lift : 5 meter to 80 meter.

Optional Features
  • Variable speed through VVVF Drive
  • Soft starter
  • Wireless radio remote control
  • Shrouded DSL system for power feeding
  • Flameproof
  • Cabin operated

  • LIMIT SWITCHES :- To prevent over hoisting & over lowering of hook.
  • PUSH BUTTON STATIONS :- Extra light, handy, easy to operate, aluminium, fabricated from extruded section.
  • SOFT STARTS :- Electric / Electronic soft start modules electrically coupled to the long travel drives to achieve jerk free, cushioned & smooth starts.
  • MAINTENANCE PLATFORM WITH HAND RAILING :- Easy, simple & safe maintenance of the Crane extended partially or totally along the girder.
  • SHROUDED BUS BAR ARRANGEMENT :- Fitted along the Gantry - simple, safe, suitable for multiple crane in the same bay.

  • Two speeds in all drives.
  • Limit switches & brakes in cross travel drive.
  • Independent push button station for bulky jobs.
  • Radio Remote Control for wireless control.
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